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Everything around you is a reflection of your very self (people,objects,phenomena). By changing yourself you alter the surrounding world. Aikido is one way to do it.


It happens that we write but it also happens that we are being written about.

Books and manuals written and compiled by Shchepihin Alexey.

"Rules of conducting and refereeing tanto-randori contests in Tomiki Aikido"
"17 basic tehniques Tomiki Aikido" (incomplete)
An Atlas - Exam program of Tomiki Aikido 8-1 Kyu - ITAF
An Atlas - Kihon Waza of Tomiki Aikido - ITAF
An Atlas - Kuzushi of Tomiki Aikido - ITAF
An Atlas - Kakarigeiko and Hikitategeiko of Tomiki Aikido - ITAF

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