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Everything around you is a reflection of your very self (people,objects,phenomena). By changing yourself you alter the surrounding world. Aikido is one way to do it.


The interregional sport public organization
«Tomiki Aikido Federation»

The interregional sport public organization Tomiki Aikido Federation was founded in Kursk in 2010.This institution incorporated those who had the desire to practice Tomiki aikido in different cities of Russia (Kursk, St. Petersburg, Belgorod, etc.). The organization is constituted of its regional divisions (Kursk, Belgorod and Leningrad divisions).

Since aikidos ultimate principle is victory without fighting, harmony in moulding the personality of a practitioner is not merely an inseparable side of training but even more it is a main priority of the Federations activity. Thus, alongside with competitions we arrange and conduct international seminars and visits to Japan and other countries which are aimed at education and entertainment. Therefore the sportsmen have the opportunity to develop both physically and spiritually.

A good example of the above mentioned versatility is the visit of Kursk aikidokas to Japan in September of 2009. Having participated in the 8th Tomiki Aikido International Tournament the sportsmen from Kursk also had a great deal of positive experience living within the Japanese families and enjoyed socializing with the newly acquired friends. Doing the sightseeing of Kyoto, Tokyo and Imabari helped to enrich our outlook as well. One more thing which consequently led to certain conclusions and gave way to a change of stereotypes was quite baffling to most of us, it was dramatic how the world renowned Aikido masters transformed into caring and hospitable friends.

Yet the board of the federation does not limit its activity to seminars, competitions and tours abroad but also actively popularize Aikido philosophy and teaches how it can be applicable to everyday life. Thats how Aleksey Shchepikhin (4th dan JAA), the president of the federation, characterizes the guidelines of the organizations activity:

" A lot of people have considered and still do that competition and aikido are incompatible. Yet the competitive aspect as such is of less importance for most people who practice aikido than the opportunity to polish the character, strengthen the body and find new friends. The fusion of control over emotions and thoughts and a well-trained fit body is significant both in combat and in ordinary life. Friends make people happy. It is the connection of lives in and out of dojo that is thought to be the reason of Tomiki Aikidos popularity. The key to success of this kind of sport in our country lies in the global principle victory without fighting which constitutes the basis of Aikido. In other words, a person practicing aikido for a long time learns to control his fears and ambitions during the real competitive combats which results in his finding friends there where he has expected to encounter rivals. And then he realizes that both he and his opponent were obsessed by illusions. Illusions of unprotectedness and need for self-assertion. From then on the person gains victory over all his opponents simply because he is in no opposition to them. Furthermore the person does not see enemies or rivals in people, rather he sees them as his partners and friends. When this happens no one around him is willing to attack him any more. This is what is called victory without fighting. "

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