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Everything around you is a reflection of your very self (people,objects,phenomena). By changing yourself you alter the surrounding world. Aikido is one way to do it.


Basic program Tomiki Aikido

ITAF prepared Atlases on the basic program Tomiki Aikido

An Atlas - Exam program of Tomiki Aikido 8-1 Kyu - ITAF
An Atlas - Kihon Waza of Tomiki Aikido - ITAF
An Atlas - Kuzushi of Tomiki Aikido - ITAF
An Atlas - Kakarigeiko and Hikitategeiko of Tomiki Aikido - ITAF
The link where you can download a movie with a basic program: download
Training course
Japan, Kakunodate

10 athletes from Kursk and 2 from St. Petersburg received intensive training course, Kakunodate (Japan). The course was designed for athletes of Japan (the club at Waseda University), Russia and Bulgaria, was held in the period from 10 to 16 September 2014 under the guidance of Shihan JAA Sato Tadayuki (7th Dan).

Athletes from Russia said high intensity workouts (3 times a day for 2-3 hours) and the hospitality of the Japanese athletes, accounting for not only sports, but also rich in tourist activities. Athletes also visited the sports center, located in the mountains, Kakunodate, which will host the 12th international tournament and festival (2017).

2-nd Junior European Championship 2014
Russia, Saint Petersburg
The schedule of the main events of the 2-nd Junior European Championship 2014.
Dates: 25-29 October 2014
The venue of the tournament and other events related to the tournament (registration, meeting of judges, festival, ETAN meeting , seminars):
Sport Martial Arts Club «Wolna», Russia, St. Petersburg Aviatsionnaya Str., 19.

The schedule of the main events:
  • October 25 (Saturday)
    • 18.00 - 20.00 registration of participants (players and referees)
    • 20.00 - 21.00 - meeting of judges
  • October 26 (Sunday)
    • 8.45 - 20.30 - competition
    • 21.00 - meeting ETAN
  • October 27 (Monday)
    • 8.00 - 15.30 - finals
    • 18.00 - party
  • October 28 (Tuesday)
    • 10.00 - 13.30 - international aikido seminar
  • 25, 28-29 October (Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday) - sightseeing in St. Petersburg

The 2nd Junior and Youth Tomiki Aikido European Championships
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Dear friends!

We have the greatest of pleasure in inviting you to Russia for the Open Junior and Youth Aikido Tournament (the 2nd Junior and Youth Tomiki Aikido European Championships).

This prestigious event will not only present you with an opportunity to compete against other Aikidoka from Europe but will also provide a spectacular backdrop for you to practise and improve your aikido, renew old acquaintances and make new friends. It is a very great honour for the Interregional Tomiki Aikido Federation of Russia (ITAF) to be hosting this Open Junior and Youth Aikido Tournament and we will endeavour to do everything possible to ensure your stay with us will be both exciting and rewarding. On behalf of ITAF, we sincerely hope you will accept our invitation to come to Russia to participate in this marvellous event.

Attached please find four (4) documents for your attention with regard to the Open Junior and Youth Aikido Tournament scheduled to take place in St. Petersburg city in Russia on the 26-th and 27-th October 2014.

Final Schedule
Welcoming info
Event info
10th International Tomiki Aikido Championship – best moments

Watch the best moments of fights of 10-th International Aikido Tournament (Kawasaki 2013)

Thank very much JAA for the video!

10th International Tomiki Aikido Championship – slide-show and photos

JAA presented a slide-show with photos from 10th International Tomiki Aikido Championship (Kawasaki 19-23/09/2013).
Such positive photos clearly show the scene of the passed championship.


Also, in our Gallery you may find the other photos form that championship nad our whole trip: "Japan 2013 (Autumn)"

Black Earth Cup 2013 – Information

We invite you to participate in all-Russian competitions "Black Earth Cup 2013".
Date held: December, 14—15th, 2013.
Place held: will be announced later.

Aim of competitions – to train and prepare sportsmen to 4th European Tomiki Aikido championship (Belgium, April 19th, 2014), and International Tomiki Aikido championship for children and juniors (St. Petersburg, October 26-27th, 2014).

      Alongside with Black Earth Cup (December 15th) all-Russian Tomiki Aikido festival will be held, where children under 10 years old can participate in next categories:
  • Embu (sex and grade does not matter):
    • Kihon Wadza (5 techniques), 6-7 years old
    • Kihon Wadza (5 techniques), 8-9 years old
    • Tanto Kakarigeiko, 6-7 years old
    • Tanto Kakarigeiko, 8-9 years old
    • Ninin Dori, 6-7 years old
    • Ninin Dori, 8-9 years old
  • Tanto Taisabaki:
    • Tanto Taisabaki, children individual,6-7 years
    • Tanto Taisabaki, children individual, 8-9 years

An advance request to participate you shall send not later than November 30th, 2013 to organising committee be e-mail to:

State of all-Russian Open Tomiki Aikido championship "Black Earth Cup 2013"

10th International Tomiki Aikido Championship – Video

The reflection training method for Atemi Wadza

ITAF team demonstration at the 10th Tomiki Aikido Championship – Kawasaki 2013

10th International Tomiki Aikido Championship – Results

On September 19-23rd, 2013the 10th International Tomiki Aikido Championship was held in Japan. At the team championship two Russian teams (ITAF team and RAA team) won the 3rd plase in Kongo Dan Taisen category. Kursk sportsmen – Shchepikhin Aleksei and Kochetov Pavel won the silver medal in Koruy Dai San no Kata category.

ITAF director and championship participant Shchepikhin Aleksei remark:

That championship was a brilliant competition full of new events. Competition, seminars, exams, shihan's exhibition show, parties and sightseeing. I can say that this championship became not only an important sport event for participants from Russia, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, America, China and other countries, but at the first place – it was a holidays for friends and adherents. Russian sportsmen show a good performance, and won the silver and bronze medals.

I'd like to pay attention on respect, that was demonstrated towards ITAF sportsmen by JAA, who held that competition. Kursk sportsman Kochetov Vladimir joined a referee team of the championship. I was a referee in the categories, where I did not compete. Besides, I was asked to make a training seminar for sportsmen-participants of the championship. The subject of that seminar was an original training method, developed by Kursk team - “The reflection training method for Atemi Wadza”. The presentation of that method was very successful. In summary, I would like to thank ITAF sportsmen for their motivation and efforts they made to reach such results




Aleksei Shchepikhin (the president of the Interregional Tomiki Aikido Federation) was appointed as the Shihan - dai in Russia by JAA

Also his work has been highlighted by the Committee of physical culture and sports of Kursk region
letter of Thanks

Spring trip to Japan

In March, 2013 Schepikhin A.A. has successfully passed the advanced training courses at the central dojo's of JAA:

  • The Waseda University dojo (Tokyo)
  • Kisui-kan dojo (Tokyo)
  • Ryoko-kai dojo (Tokyo)
  • The Shizuoka University dojo (Hamamatsu)
  • The dojo of Hamamatsu is Ryosyo-kai (Hamamatsu)
  • Imabari Taiikukan Shidokan Honbu dojo (Imabari)

Beside the technique level, instructor's skill level was appraise during the courses, to be exactly – teaching skill.
Schepikhin A.A. has also successfully passed the 5th dan exam and gained the right to grade dan examinations (1st to 4th JAA dan included).
Trip photos

Gyaku Gamae ate - 3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship

We bring to your attention a brilliant fragment of the final duel at the 3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship
- “Gyaku Gamae ate” technique executed by Shumakov Sergei, ITAF senior instructor.

watch it here...

Dear friends!

As you may now – now we are doing big job translating the announcements, texts, biographies and
other information on our web-site from Russian into English.
In these regards we kindly ask you:
if You found any mistake in spelling of Your or other person's translated name or surname, place or
address – please, inform us about it. A reference to the right spelling is preferable.
We make an apologize for possible mistakes in advance!

Thank you for your help and understanding!

3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship.

We congratulate the sportsmen of Leningrad and Belgorod ITAF division with successful performance at the 3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship (Moscow 2012):

  • Gluschenko Yuri (Belgorod) - 2nd place in team competition and 3rd place in individual competition (Tanto Randori).
  • Zagorskyi Alexei (St. Pteresburg) -
    • 1st place in team “Kongo Dan Taisen”
    • 2nd place in “Men's Team tanto randori”

The results of European championship

On "Buyukan" club web-site you may find the results of performance at the 3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship.

TV broadcast about European championship

We bring to your attention the broadcast about Kursk Team at the 3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship

Watch it here...

3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship

Kursk team got the 1st place at 3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship, which took place Moscow in August 19-20th 2012, in three nominations:

  • Men's team duel with a knife - Tanto Randori
  • Technics demostration - Ninin Dori
  • Men's individual duels - Tanto Randori

Record-holders, who took 1st places at the most types of competions, are the lead instructors of
ITAF, Kursk dept. - Shumakov Sergei Alexandrovich and Agafonov Andrey Mikhailovich.
They became winners in four nominations all at once.

At overall ranking Kursk sportsmen won 15 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 9 bronze medals.

The list of Kursk winners:

  • Shumakov S.A. (3rd dan) - ●●●●●●
  • Agafonov A.M. (3rd dan) - ●●●●
  • Kochetov P.V. (3rd dan) - ●●●
  • Brezhnev A.N. (3rd dan) -
  • Golikov R.V. (1st dan) -
  • Kashirtsev E.V. (3rd dan) -
  • Schepikhin A.A. (4th dan) -
  • Shumakov A.A. (1st dan) -
  • Podosinnikov E.Y. (1st dan) -
  • Arkhipov K.V. -
  • Kochetov V.P. (3rd dan) -
  • Podlgaev A.E. (2nd dan) -
  • Schepikhin D.A. (1st dan) -
  • Mokhov R.M. (1st dan) -

The commentary of inter-regional sport public organization "Tomiki Aikido Federation" president – Schepikhin A.A.:

The victory of Kursk team at the 3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship is not a mere coincidence. In 2010 Kursk team got the 2nd place at 2nd European Tomiki Aikido club championship, which took place at Czech Republic.
      I'd like to say next about the 3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship. That is big event for Russian competitive aikido, as far as that is the first time when European Tomiki Aikido club championship is held in Russian Federation. We are grateful to National Council of Russian Aikido for their help to Russian Aikido Association (RAA) in holding that championship.
      At this moment we start the preparations for 10th International Tomiki Aikido championship, planned on September 2013.
Russian sportsmen will have an opportunity to face the favorites of competitive aikido – teams of England and Japan, again. We hope to succeed, as the previous, 9th International championship, which was held in London at 2011, brought to Russian national team the 3rd place, and was a good lesson for all our sportsmen.

Aikido today and tomorrow

Speech of ITAF Kursk division headmaster – Schepikhin A.A., to his students:

Dear friends, we invite to get acquainted with the world of competitive aikido. In these world the main principles are friendship and harmony. Graceful and effective at the same time, Aikido technique helps you to develop the understanding of these two basic principles
We offer to your attention 2 films, reflecting the development of our club in many ways:

1. Archival film “Kursk Tomiki Aikido Club “A way to harmony” - 2003”
2. Film about ITAD in Russia – 2011

In my opinion, these two films clearly show no only the technical growth of our sportsmen and enlargement of their consciousness, but also that our organization reached the higher level. Practicing Aikido you may also find new friends and enlarge your horizon, visiting international seminars and competitions in different countries.

With best regards, Schepikhin A.A.

Schedule for new training year

Since August 1st, 2012 the schedule and place of trainings in Kursk division of ITAF is changed.


Crimea – Mokrousovka – 2012

July 2-10th, 2012, in Crimea, the 9th annual Tomiki Aikido seminar was held.
We are grateful to all participants for their interest to Tomiki Aikido, as that interest allowed them to visit so early held trainings (since 5 pm till 7 pm). The exhibition performance was given to the rest of Mokrousovka (Sevastopol) tourist camp visitors.

Seminar in Mokrousovka (2012) – general photo

Performance in Mokrousovka (video)

Neva Cup 2012

May 8th, 2012, in St. Peteresburg Open Tomiki Aikido championship “Neva Cup – 2012” was held
Teams of Moscow, St. Peteresburg, Kursk, Belgorod.

Children team won the 1st place. In individual children championship performances of children from Kursk were also successful (7 gold medals, 4 silver medals, 5 bronze medals).
Name of Kursk children - winners in team and individual championships you may find below:

  • Androsov Michail
  • Korotkov Pavel
  • Bulatnikov Kirill
  • Kazarinov Ivan
  • Kazarinov Kirill
  • Kovalchuk Darya
  • Solyanin Nikita
  • Mitrofanov Nikita
  • Tevyashov Michail

New schedule of trainings in Kursk

We bring to your attention that training schedule in Kursk ITAF division was updated.

Seminar in St. Petersburg (May 7th, 2012)

Due to the fact that Kornienko E.M. Can not come to St. Petersburg on May7th, 2012, the seminar will consist only from two stages.
The cost of the seminar is also changed. The details you may find in invitation

Seminar in St. Petersburg (May 7th, 2012)

We bring to your attention the fact that seminar of ITAF headmaster in St. Petersburg is enlarged.
At the first stage the new topic is added: "Ninin dori, as the part of 3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship. Rules of Ninin dori demonstration and judgement" (4th dan Tomiki Aikido - Schepikhin A.A.).
The details you may find at the invitation

Neva Cup 2012

We invite you to take part in Open Tomiki Aikido Championship “Neva Cup 2012”.
That Championship will be held at St. Peteresburg, on May 7-8th, 2012. It will be performed as a festival and will consist from 2 parts:

  1. Seminar – May7th, 15:00 till 18:00 (Invitation see attachment 1)
  2. “Neva Cup 2012” championship – May 8th, 9:00 till 17:00 (Invitation see attachment 2)
You can join sightseeing of St. Petersburg at your will (Invitation see attachment 3 and claim)
All sportsmen shall sign the remission of claim (children,adults) and provide that signed claim to Championship manager trough your instructor.

Necessary requirements to take part at the The first ETAN Junior European Championship

To join the first ETAN Junior European Championship (Switzerland, Fiesch, October 27-28, 2012) you need to send an application until April 10th, 2012. Please, check the official invitation and application form
Important! The rules of tanto tai sabaki were changed (for example, it is not allowed to shorten the distance, so the opponent is not able to strike. See the Invitation).

If you want to join the Entertainment and Sport tour through European countries (Poland – Switzerland – France – Germany), which is timed to that championship, we also ask you to send an application until April 10th, 2012.
The cost and the schedule you may find here

Competition entry application are received only through instructors.
Tour entry application – can be sent on behalf of sportsman.

Contact information for applications:
Phone No.: +7-960-697-51-97; +7 (4712) 50-00-52
Schepikhin Alexey,
president of ITAF


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