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Everything around you is a reflection of your very self (people,objects,phenomena). By changing yourself you alter the surrounding world. Aikido is one way to do it.


Headmasters - Aleksey Shchepikhin (5 dan JAA, Kursk)

President of the interregional sport public organization "Tomiki Aikido Federation", headmaster and chief coach of Kursk regional division of the interregional sport public organization Tomiki Aikido Federation.

Date of birth: 19th January 1973

1998 - graduated from KSMU (Kursk State Medical University)

Starting 1999 worked as an anaesthetist-reanimatologist in Kursk municipal hospital �6, department of anesthetics and reanimation, later on in Kursk municipal clinical maternity hospital, department of reanimation and intensive therapy. Akeksey shares an invention patent �2349261 A method of diagnosis and treatment of water imbalance among the pregnant - with V. Sarukhanov Ph.D.

2009 - entered KSU (Kursk State University), department of physical culture and sport.

From 1993-1996 studied taijiquan (24 forms and the Cheng style)

1996 - began practicing aikido under the supervision of Igor Dmitriev.

2000 - passed the 1 dan exam JAA (examination board chairman Kenshi Uno, 8 dan JAA, JAA vice president, 3 dan kendo)

In July 2000 Aleksey Shchepikhin founded a Tomiki Aikido section in KSMU (Kursk State Medical University) where classes in competitive aikido were conducted on a regular basis for 7 years (July 2000 July 2007). During this period 32 regional and 3 state competitions were held on the basis of KSMU. The KSMU aikido team was a constant participant of the annual Moscow competitions. All in all approximately 1500 people practiced aikido in that span in KSMU section.

26th of May 2001 - became the winner in the tanto randori section of The First International Tomiki Aikido Tournament, Moscow.

2002 - passed the 2 dan exam JAA in Kharkov.

2004 - visited Japan (Imabari) and was the first in Russia to pass the 3 dan exam (examination board Kenshi Uno, 8 dan; Sato Tadayuki, 5 dan; Yasuo Noma, 6 dan; Satoshi Ozawa, 5 dan)

2005-2010 - the director of Kursk regional sport public organization Way of Harmony

2007 began to conduct classes in Kursk Regional Youth School of the Olympic Reserve (10A, Mirnaya str., Kursk)

2008 - passed the 4 dan exam JAA (examination board chairman Kenshi Uno, 8 dan JAA, JAA vice president, 3 dan kendo)

September 2009 was one of the 12 kursk sportsmen to participate in the 8th International Tomiki Aikido Tournament, Kyoto. Tomiki Aikido International Network (TAIN) General Assembly regular meeting was held in Kyotos Budo Centre on the 20th of September. During the assembly, which incorporates Tomiki Aikido headmasters from different countries, it was decided that Aleksey Shchepikhin be the TAIN representative in Russia.

Since February 2010 Aleksey Shchepikhin has been the President of the interregional sport public organization Tomiki Aikido Federation which includes Kursk, Belgorod, Leningrad regional divisions and Gubkin Tomiki Aikido Club.

Within the span from 2000 up to 2010 Aleksey Shchepikhin trained more than 40 black belts (sportsmen wielding 1 dan rank or higher)

September 2010 – became the prize-winner of the Second ETAN European Club Championship in Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic) (1 gold and 1 silver medals)

August 2011 - was a member of panel of judges during the 8th International Tomiki Aikido Championship, which was held in London.

August 2012 - won and got the 1st place in Koryu Dai San no Kata category at the 3rd European Tomiki Aikido club championship in Moscow.

March 2013 - successfully passed the 5th dan exam in Japan and gained the right to grade dan examinations

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  10A, Mirnaya str., Kursk

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